Gorilla Permits

No other places on planet earth than Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo to go mountain gorilla trekking. To see gorillas you must have a gorilla permit which must be booked in advance of 3-5 months ahead of your gorilla trekking date. Purchase Your Gorilla Trekking Permit. Permits are sold through national park services, and this income helps the parks in their mission to protect the gorillas from poachers and environmental destruction. Many licensed eco-tourism companies in Rwanda, Uganda, and the DRC will help you buy your permit and arrange transportation to and from the start of your jungle trek. Because the parks restrict human interaction with mountain gorillas (for their health and safety), gorilla trekking permits are limited, and sell fast. Buy your permit well in advance, and build your trip around it.

Gorilla Permit Availability

Gorilla permit availability is limited whether it’s a dry season (December to February and June to September) or rainy season (March, April to May and October to November).

It’s recommended to book a gorilla permit and organize your gorilla safari with an authorized tour operator. A tour operator speeds up the process by checking for your gorilla permit availability with regard to the date you expressed to see the gorillas.

Once permits are available for your specific dates, the visitor shall send the money to the operator including bank charges. Send on email your personal details including scanned passport copies, names and nationality for your gorilla permit to be register.

Besides the operator, gorilla permits for Uganda can be booked through Uganda Wildlife Authority. Visitors in Kampala can go to Uganda wildlife headquarters and avoid traveling to Bwindi with huge cash by using the new Uganda wildlife electronic card to pay for gorilla permits and other activities.

Get a gorilla permit for Rwanda through Rwandan Development Board while Virunga national park for DRC gorilla permits. You can call or email the reservations offices of those authorities for booking details.

Gorilla permit fees vary for each gorilla trekking destination. A gorilla permit cost in is at $750 for Rwanda, $600 for Uganda and $450 Democratic Republic of Congo per foreign visitor. Park entrance fees are inclusive.

In the meantime, Uganda gorilla permits price are on discount from $600 to $450 during rainy seasons in March, April and October to November. Similarly permits for DRC are reduced from $450 to $350 per foreign visitor.

Once you have purchased a gorilla permit, it’s guaranteed to see gorillas on condition that you have the energy and fitness to ramble the steep forested mountains.

On the day of gorilla trekking, visitors must attend in person to the gorilla briefing early morning at the gorilla trekking centers in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park and Mgahinga gorilla national park- Uganda, Volcanoes National Park -Rwanda and Virunga National Park eastern DRC.