Rwanda is the best destination where tourists can see the mountain gorillas in the wild! It is now common to hear travelers say Rwanda and gorillas are inseparable. Gorilla safaris and tours in Rwanda are currently a hot cake. Many travelers who take Rwanda safari trips cannot leave the country without visiting the Virunga gorillas! Indeed gorilla tourism is the deep-rooted component of the country’s tourism industry and its one of the leading foreign exchange earner. The country offers travelers one of the world’s rare wildlife experiences – a one hour visit to the endangered mountain gorillas.

Gorilla tracking safaris have boosted Rwanda’s economy including hotel infrastructure as well as roads and other infrastructure in the whole country. Both budget and Luxury safari lodges have been set up in different National parks in order to boost accommodation for visitors stay.

The Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda

Many travelers to this “land of a thousand hills” get astonished and tasked in describing their first encounter with these beautiful gentle giants found in Rwanda a tiny landlocked nation in Central-East Africa, the mountain gorillas.

The Mountain gorillas of Rwanda are exclusively found in Volcanoes National Park, the Rwandan part of the Virungas. This Virunga park is home to a third of the world’s remaining population of the Mountain Gorillas. It is estimated that only about 800 of these endangered individuals are left in the world. Half of these great apes live in the Virunga Region while the other remaining half live in Bwindi impenetrable national park in neighboring Uganda. There are three types of gorilla – the mountain gorilla, and the eastern and western lowland gorilla. They are huge creatures, weighing up to 200 kilograms. Predictably, they are incredibly strong, yet surprisingly gentle and peaceful.

A reasonable percentage of Revenues collected from gorilla tracking is given park to the community that live around the protected forest in order to boost the conservation efforts. This is in terms of infrastructure like schools, water project in order for the community to see the importance of Gorilla conservation.