Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park is the most popular national park for mountain gorilla trekking. Located in Northern Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park (PNV) is the Rwandan part of the Virunga Region that extends to Uganda and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Things to Do in Volcanoes National Park


The major tourist activities conducted in Volcanoes national Park include gorilla tracking. Every day travelers from all over the world enjoy gorilla tracking safaris within this bamboo forested park! Gorilla Tracking starts at around 8am and the end is determined by the movement of Gorillas. Mountain Gorilla trekking is the first thought for activities to visitors in Rwanda.

Golden Monkey trekking – it also starts in the morning after briefing at around 7:30 and tourists set off to trek Golden Monkeys from 8am just like Gorilla trekkers. Golden Monkey trekking is the second major tourist activity in Volcanoes National Park and Rwanda at large.

Escorted Bird Watching Walks – Volcanoes National park and the surrounding areas are heaven for all kinds of local birds that do not easily thrive in the surrounding agricultural plots, where natural shelter is rare and disturbance by human activity high. Over 40 species of birds (of which a few species and or subspecies are endemic to the Albertine Rift forests) have been identified on.

You can be given professional birding guides to help you enjoy birding. The local guides staying in the area are well knowledgeable about the available birds. Binoculars are a must! Birds are especially active in the morning between 7am and 9.30am and in the afternoon between 4pm and 6pm.

Mountain Bike Excursions – You can hire bikes from Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge – there are serviced mountain bikes available at the lodge for guests to use.  You can as well be given a guide to take guests on an escorted mountain bike ride to explore the local area.

Visit Musanze caves – it is a memorable experience to walk through musanze cave. It is dark inside but visitors are given torches to provide light while in the caves. The excise is guided by experts to make it enjoyable and knowledgeable.


Some simple tourist activities can be done in the afternoon like visiting the beautiful twin Lakes; Bulera and Ruhondo. After morning activities, you guide driver can take you to see the beautiful sceneries surrounding the lakes. Take photos, swim, and sports fishing, take guided walk around the Lakes, canoe ride among others.

Community walks in Musanze region– visit the pygmies at Muhabura hotel, visit the local markets. While on community walks, interact with the local residents, participate in their daily activities like digging, fetching water, collecting firewood, refining local beer and building local houses.

Visit the Iby’wacu cultural village – it is situated near volcanoes National park – where here, gain skills in hunting, grinding, treating diseases with local herbs. Enjoy music, dance and drama and you are free to join the group.

Afternoon relaxation while viewing the series of the mighty Virunga ranges – take photos of Volcanoes like Karisimbi (the highest in the virungas), Bisoke Volcano, Mgahinga Volcano, Sabyinyo Volcano and so on.